Which 1 Of These Artists Is Most Streamed in Tennessee?

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This stupid answer makes me angry. Maybe because it makes me question if I'm out of touch.

One of the artists is the most streamed artist in Tennessee. Is it the Hawaiian chill of Jack Johnson? Is it the voice and songs of Nashville's Thomas Rhett? Is it Memphis based hip hop artist Moneybagg Yo?

Spotify released a list of artists that are the most streamed in each state.  And here's where it gets a little weird. They told us which artist gets streamed there MORE than any other state. No two states have the same answer that way. It makes them all unique (and every state isn't labeled Drake, Taylor Swift, or Post Malone).

The surprising answer...

Moneybagg Yo.

The Memphis based artist gets streamed more in the volunteer state as compared to any other artist. Really?

I'm sure he's a very talented artist. But is this the result of his mom having ten phones stream his music around the clock? Is his dog streaming his music to jack up his royalties? 

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