Girlfriend of Nashville Predator Austin Watson Releases Bombshell

Austin Watson  (Getty Images)

Austin Watson (Getty Images)

 This past summer, Nashville Predators player Austin Watson pled no contest to a domestic violence charge in Franklin, Tennessee. The charge stemmed from a witness who hailed police after it appeared Watson was getting violent with his partner, Jenn Guardino, inside a car at an area gas station. But the situation appears very different after she released a stunning statement today, apologizing for her behavior and declaring the incident “was not an act of domestic violence."

Jenn Guardino’s statement said, “Watson has never, and would never hit or abuse me. My behavior and state of intoxication led to the police Watson’s partner also stated she  "struggled with alcoholism for many years" and is getting help from Alcoholics Anonymous. 

"I am fortunate to have Austin's continued support with my treatment. We handled matters poorly in June  and know that we need to make better decisions going forward. I take full responsibility for my actions on that day." She apologized to "everyone involved for the negative attention that followed this incident, including the Nashville Predators community and the city of Nashville."

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Watson was originally suspended 27 games by the NHL. But that number of games was reduced to 18 this past week after going to an arbitrator. If nothing else changes, he is scheduled to return in mid November to the team.