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Nashville Has The Sleepiest Workers In America.

If you are tired when you get to work, and while you're there. You are not alone.  Workers in Nashville are the sleepiest workers in America.  A new study from Staffing Firm Accountemps says it's costing the country billions of dollars.

Beating out cities like New York and Seattle, Nashville workers reported they are the most tired when they get to work. What the report doesn't say is WHY we're so tired. So let';s throw out some possibilities.

Perhaps our commutes our so long we have to wake up 2 hours early to get from Murfreesboro to Brentwood.

rimeswithburple on reddit says comedian Jim Gaffigan already solved this:

Is it because we like to party down south till the wee hours?

Do we find it hard to sleep because we love sweet tea all day?

Maybe the non-stop construction keeps us up late and gets us up way too early.

Hot chicken got us up at night?

We're still a little mystified as to why we're the sleepiest when we get to work in Nashville. You'd think Sundays would give us extra time to sleep while this is happening.

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