New Pancake Pantry Nashville Owner To Shorten The Line

New owner dedicated to making it "not just for tourists".

Here's how they're going to cut down on lines.

  • More grills in the kitchen.
  • No more scribbling your orders down on paper. Your order goes in the computer and the cooks see it immediately.
  • More servers.
  • You can order online and pick up your order up at a selected time.
  • You can see how long the line is by watching the cam embedded on their website.

These ideas are brilliant. And they will probably work. The new owner, Crosby Keltner, told The Tennessean that he quickly found out half of his customers were locals who had jobs or classes to get to. So he put these new things into place to get people through faster. 

And this is great because Pancake Pantry should be known for pancakes, not long lines.