Family: Hunters, Don't Shoot Adopted Deer "George"

One family in South Carolina has one very important request for hunters: please don't kill George. George is the name they've given to their adopted deer. Kena Lucas Funderburk posted the plea on her Facebook page.

The post has gone viral and reads:

Local Hunters... Please don't shoot the 7pt with the yellow tape around his antlers if you see him, its George!

He was just spotted at the Debutary (Fairfield County, SC) which is a long way from home, so he's getting around.

Also, if you happen to see George, shoot us a message and let us know where! Very interested in how far he travels this season. He was raised and released between Great Falls and Richburg in Chester County, SC.

They've raised George since just after he was born 2 years ago. His mother was hit by a car and killed.

This video of a young George drinking a bottle is adorable.