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2 Middle School Girls Plot To Murder and Eat Students

Police in Florida say two middle school girls were stopped before they were able to carry out their plot to kill 15 students, cut them up, and drink their blood.  And they were fully ready to carry it out.  They were stopped while carrying an array of weapons and plans on how to carry out the atrocity.

The school was tipped off that some kind of attack might occur, so they were ready to intercept the plot. The girls, age 12 and 11 yrs old, were caught with knives, scissors, a pizza cutter, and pens in the bathroom where they planned to murder 15 fellow students.

The girls spilled everything to detectives. Apparently they got the idea over the weekend.

Other details of their plan included:

- They planned to wait in there until smaller students came in then they would stab them with the several knives/sharp objects they had.

- After killing students they would put their bodies in the back stall and eventually eat their flesh.

-They were going to kill themselves with these sins on their souls so they'd go to hell and meet satan".

Detectives found a series of snapchat messages about the plot. The last of which said, "Today is health lessens thank Satan we're doing this in a bit."

The girls were found in a stall where they planned to commit the murders. That was after the school was searched because an administrator called one of the girls parents to say their daughter was not in her second period class. The parent said she wasn't home, but at school.

The school district superintendent had praise for everyone involved:

"I want to thank the teachers, the administrators for when they saw something, they heard something, they said something," she said. "We don’t send our children to school to be harmed. If you plan on harming any of our children we will take it very credible and turn it over to law enforcement. We will protect them."

The girls are expelled and are facing an array of charges, both felonies and misdemeanors.

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