Nashville Area Kid Dresses As Hero: James Shaw Jr

James Shaw Jr - Getty Images

James Shaw Jr - Getty Images

It was "hero day" at Union Elementary School in Gallatin. Fifth grader Tayir Thomas could have dressed up as Spiderman, Black Panther, or any comic super hero. But instead, he kept his sights on a real life hero. His mom told FOX 17, "I showed him the video of James Shaw Jr. and we had a talk about the events that happened," Britt Thomas said. "He said he was brave and asked if he could be him. "

Britt said she was really happy that Tayir had a hero right hero in Nashville to admire.  

So are we.

Tayir wore the "live" hoodie Shaw wears often at public appearances. He also wrapped his hand like his hero, who was severely burned when he grabbed the hot muzzle of the gun from the Waffle House shooter. It was that action that made the shooter leave the restaurant and not kill anyone else.