UFO Over Nashville Identified

An unidentified flying object over downtown Nashville had people wondering what they were seeing during a busy night in Music City.  By definition, a UFO is an object that is unidentified. But we can now classify if an IFO. It has been identified.

Warning, this video contains foul language from onlookers.

Some thought it was possibly the Leonid Meteor showers. Others questioned why it was moving so slowly and changing direction as it passed over Nashville. Turns out it was a salute to our military.

These incredibly skilled paratroopers were part of the pregame for Vandy football game.  Their flares show us their descent at night.  They are awesome. Thank you Black Daggers for a great display of your capabilities, and giving us reason (if just for a moment) to believe we are not alone.

Here's some past video of the Black Daggers doing their thing.