Bart Durham Embraces The Nashville Haters.

The law offices of Bart Durham know we make jokes. But they don't care. In fact, they jump into the conversation. One of Nashville's most consistent advertisers, it's hard to escape the attorney's massive advertising. We all kid about them being on everywhere and all the time. We all kid about what we see in the commercials.

To prove that he embraces the publicity, his social media posted memes like this right after election day.

And when someone tweeted something funny about the way Nashvillians cross the street, Bart's people retweeted it.

They took it for what it was; a compliment.  "Nashville ppl walk across the street like they invincible cause they know bart durham got they back".

To which they responded, "We’ve been helping the people of Nashville for over 40 years and we’re still going strong!".

And they apparently think imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Even on Halloween.