Video: Nashville Scooter Rider Hit By BMW

scooter - Getty Images

scooter - Getty Images

Recipe for disaster. 

Take one scooter in downtown Nashville.  

Make it go really fast downhill. 

Then throw in a red light. 

Run the red light. 

Add a dash of a BMW going the other way.

That's all it takes.

Here's video of the scooter driver crossing Commerce and 5th.Miraculously, 

It's totally OK to laugh because he went to Vanderbilt Medical Center with just minor injuries.

According to our news partner FOX 17:

Vanderbilt's Trauma Medical Director, Dr. Oscar Guillamondegui, said “The majority of people have broken arms and hands, scraped up broken faces, and then if it's a bad enough injury, it's going to also affect the brain behind that face and that's the tragedy,."

This response from a reddit user is all of us:


Sylvan Park

Just a few things.

  1. glad he is ok

  2. the next person may not be so lucky

  3. the light changing to green at the end of the gif makes it better somehow