Who Ya Gonna Call? Nashville Has It's Own Ghostbusters

photo: FOX 17 News

photo: FOX 17 News

Who Ya Gonna Call?

When it comes to Ghost Bustin', it makes everyone feel good.

That's why Nashville has it's own ghostbusters.  And they bust for great causes in Middle Tennessee.  The local group has taken their passion for the movies and kid’s TV shows and made it into something that brings smiles to everyone. 

They built everything from scratch. They use money out of their own pockets. And they made a Ghostbusters crew that visits community events. For a small donation, they pose for a picture and get into some action poses with fans.  40 strong, they all volunteer For Tennessee Ghostbusters with a mission. Actually it’s two missions. The first to get those ghosts. The second, to make people smile. They do the second most of the time. 

After raising money and collecting toys at nearly 50 events this year, they’ll spend the next few weekends delivering those toys to kids in middle Tennessee. The nonprofit group would just like you to know, they aint afraid of no ghosts.