Daphne Deloren Out At WSMV Channel 4, Has A Mission

Daphne Deloren, popular meteorologist at WSMV Channel 4, announced she is leaving the station near the end of December.  She is leaving the station, not to go to another station, or another city. She’s staying right here.  Daphne’s staying to pursue her true calling. And a new kind of career.

We are so happy for her, her husband, and especially her baby boy. But we will miss seeing her on TV while we do our show. At first we were mystified when she came to Nashville. Her Mary Tyler Moore-like demeanor and soft schoolteacher voice were very different from everyone else on TV. But it wasn’t long before we grew to love her. 

Good luck Daphne! We’ll miss seeing you. You’ll be a terrific full time mom. Enjoy having breakfast with the family.