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Bird Scooter Hanging From Nashville Bridge, But How?

Just how this Bird scooter found itself hanging from the Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge is a mystery. Woody from Woody and Jim Show says it's a Bird scooter just living up to its name. 

But most of us think this is a prankster. But how do you even?!

You'd have to  hang very dangerously off that bridge (very high above the Cumberland) to place that scooter there. Or maybe you lower it with a rope until the handlebar hooks.

Jim from Woody and Jim Show thinks it was Spiderman.

Others on Nashville's Reddit took it a bit darker.

Other Redditors hate/loved it.

Or is this art? There is the artist named Banksy that anonymously makes public works of art. See below where he/she created a painting of a little girl with a balloon. As soon as it sold at auction, Banksy used a built-in remote control shredder to destroy it.

Maybe that's a stretch. Or it could just be those pesky neighbor kids.

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