Netflix Has Revealed How Many Endings You Can Have in Bandersnatch

After you watched Birdbox with Sandra Bullock, you may have watched the interactive edition of Black Mirror called 'Bandersnatch'. The episode let's you make decisions for the main character and therefore changing the course of the story. But a lot of viewers spent most of their free time going back and making different choices to see how it changed.

Netflix has officially announced the number of possible endings (some less dark, some deeply disturbing). The answer is...


Spoiler alert (lite) one ending includes an in-credits scene featuring a baby that was seen in the episode.

We spent about 4 hours going through the different outcomes. How long did you spend down the rabbit hole?

Wanna know how hard it was to make Bandersnatch and all those possible changes in the story? Here's a look into the nightmare of making this nightmare.