Most Annoying Song In History Just Hit The Billboard Top 40.

If you're a parent, older brother/sister, or a babysitter. Your worst nightmare hasn't ended. It's only grown in power. The most annoying song in the world has just hit the Billboard Top 40. Yup. It's legit. That song would be "Baby Shark".  

The earworm of the century is on the charts! Doo doo doo doo doo you like that? It just hit #32 on Billboard's hot 100 songs list. 

If you're not familiar with 'Baby Shark', consider yourself lucky.  Because it's a thing. The annoying song has you pretend to be a shark (pretend biting). And then the whole family has to chime in.  Annoyed parents can blame the South Korean group PinkFong for releasing this plague upon the earth.

Here's a practical joke you can enjoy. Before you leave your apartment, start this one hour long loop of Baby Shark really loud so the neighbors can hear it.  Then get in your running car and speed off.