Is Peanuts In Coke A Real Southern Thing?

We saw someone in the lunchroom at The River drinking a coke and she said she wished she had some peanuts to put in there. We asked why. She said, "cuz it's sooooo good. And it's a southern tradition".  Everyone looked at her like she had two heads. An argument erupted between long time southerners over whether "coke with peanuts shoved into the bottle" was a real thing in the south.

So then we went to the web and we still got no definitive answer.

One of our salespeople said, 'I'm Southern and this just is nasty. Whole lotta NOPE,' 

Comedian Roy Wood Jr. said 'I've lived in the South since 1979. Performed all across it since 1998 and have never ONCE seen this s**t.'