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Nashville Lawmaker: Kill Daylight Savings Time!

Perhaps there's an answer to this gloomy, tired feeling we all have in Nashville.

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One state rep here in Tennessee says we've been doing this 'change the clocks thing' for far too long and it's time to kill daylight savings time.  State representative Rick Tillis says there's a misconception that it was started to help farmers. 

He says it was actually started 100 years ago to save energy. Tillis says studies have been done, and it doesn't save you any money on your energy bill.  

He's working on a bill that would do away with Daylight Savings Time.  We would leave our clocks the way they are in the summer.

Farmer Felicia Hillard told FOX17 News that animals don't like the time change either. “Well, they just get a little upset, they start hollering at the old time,” she says. “They don't understand that. ‘Hey, the sun hasn't changed much, but you're coming out an hour difference in time.”

Killing DST would also help people with Autism and Seasonal Affect Disorder. 

Before you get too excited, this bill has been intriduced in Tennessee before. They failed.  

It would have to pass in the state senate and house. Then the federal government would have to approve it. Tillis hoopes it will pass and go into effect by 2020.

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