Video: How To Sneak A Catfish Into A Nashville Preds Game.

Many a Nashville Predators fan (and some very aggravated Pittsburgh Penguins fans) have wondered how someone actually gets a catfish into a game so they can throw it onto the ice.  (Why they would do it is explained below). 

Our friend @IPv4Freely documented the process Thursday and showed us how the fish got from the store to rink:

Warning: do not try this at home.

Why do Preds fans throw catfish on the ice anyway?

The simple answer is it relates to a tradition the Detroit Red Wings fans started forever ago. Because it used to take just 8 wins to get the Stanley Cup (the championship), they threw a dead octopus onto the ice because it had 8 legs (sames as the number of wins).

Years ago, Predator fans in Nashville wanted to start their own tradition. But they used a catfish instead. A fish you can catch in the area, and something we love to fry.