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Alexa Saying Morning Prayer Goes Viral

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There's a video going around on Facebook of Amazon's Echo reciting a morning prayer. As of this posting, it's had over 115,000 views.

The Alexa device memorized a prayer given to it by it's owner. In the video, she asks Alexa to say her morning prayer. And she prays outloud with Alexa as a guide track.

"Help me to start this day with a new attitude and plenty of gratitude," Alexa says. "I ask that the Holy Spirit fill my heart with your love." 

The video was distributed by The Word Network who credited Marion Brown III.

There's a lot of opinions about why this is viral. Some are just surprised at another way Alexa is becoming part of our lives. Some take issue, and say Alexa is not praying, and we shouldn't say it/she is. Others just love the prayer.

Some of the comments:

  • My Alexa doesn't know that one... I need a saved Alexa. Time to exchange...lol
  • Sounds good but I truly believe that communication with the Lord, should come from our own heart and mouth, not from Alexa, technology is good and well but not to take the place of our devotions aspirations and worship to the Lord.
  • Nice, for those of you who are remarking it should come from your own heart, I agree. But look at this from another view. This is actually a good way to spread the gospel for those who may not have ever heard it.
  • I'm guessing Alexia is programmed to pull a daily prayer from a website.It isn't any different than an audible email. But if it cures one ailment in a single person I would not take that away from them. Same thing goes for a stain on a wall... if it looks like the virgin Mary and weeps like the virgin Mary and someone gets a healing, I'm staying out of it
  • A robot will never take that Privilege from me.... I actually ENJOY my private time with the LORD...not gonna share it with a robot... 🙏🤗🙏

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