Positive Pants Story: 3 yr Old Boy Missing for 2 Days Says He Had Company

Every morning, Woody and Jim show brings you a Positive Pants story: something great that happened in the world. It seems like our news feeds are full of bad news. This is the antidote.

Casey Hathaway had been missing for two days in the woods. He was found safe and is recovering by eating Cheetos and watching Paw Patrol. Thank God. But how did he survive outside this time of year? Casey said his companion kept him safe.

Casey says he hung out with a bear.

How could a child be helped by a dangerous boy, you ask? Well his Aunt posted to her Facebook page about it.

How beautiful...

For all of you questioning the circumstances of little Casey’s miracle, not believing there was a bear with him, don’t you know it was God, it may not have been a real live bear but an image or a dream sent by God to keep that baby moving and to keep him from giving up and not feeling like he was alone, that very image kept him alive!