Positive Pants Story: Woman Carries Puppy She Found Through A Marathon

Our Positive Pants Stories gives us a chance to fill your news feed with at least something positive going on in the world.

A 43 yr old woman in Thailand was seven miles into a marathon (26.2 miles) when she say runners in front of her avoiding something in the road. Turns out it was a puppy.

There were no other dogs or even houses around. So instead of running around the dog, Khemijira Klongsanun picked it up, and kept running the marathon. The puppy was only 2-3 lbs, but any runner will tell you that is HUGE for a marathon runner. She said it made the run 2x as hard, but he was just too cute to leave behind.

She tried to find the owner, but no one appeared. So she adopted him. His name? Choembueng. That's the name of the area where the marathon was held.