Nashville "Ken Doll Looking Man" Arrested For Identity Theft.

This Nashville man, who looks remarkably like the iconic Kenn doll from Matell's Barbie Collection, was arrested for trying to use another person's debit card at a bar. Julian R. Mitchell, 20, finds himself in jail after he tried to use a Regions Bank debit card at a Nashville night spot. The card came uo in the system as stolen. When the employee at the bar asked for ID, he was refused because...

"their was a discrepency in height"?! In height? Really. Other than the height, someone else looked like a Ken doll? The affidavit said it was his height.

The man denies he showed them his ID. But a search of the man's FANNY PACK revealed many credit cards that belonged to the vicitim.

Mitchell is sitting in a Nashville jail on $25,000 bail.