First Female Fighter Pilot Gets Historic Flyover in Tennessee

4 of the Navy's most sophisticated fighter jets roared over Maynardville, Tennessee in a funeral tribute to pioneer Capt. Rosemary Mariner. Those planes were all flown by female Naval pilots. It was the very first all female flyover in history. This amazing tribute to Rosemary was witnessed graveside, by Rosemary's husband Tommy.

Rosemary died of cancer at age 65, but her life was one of overcoming obstacles and flying through a glass ceiling.

Rosemary Mariner was the Navy's first female fighter pilot. She was also the first female to Captain a squadron.

Rosemary wasn't welcomed as the first pilot. She had to fight the establishment. But she didn't care.

Chris Giza, the second female pilot in history, said "It didn't bother her. She was very focused on what she wanted to do. It's like, 'If you are in my