Mt. Juliet Funspot Could Be Gone Forever

It’s a landmark. Sure, the putt putt layout was simple, a little boring, and definitely orange. But Mount Juliet has been known for this cedar creek sports center for a long time. With its mini golf, batting cages, go carts, and driving range, it was pretty much the site of every birthday party and kid outing anywhere to the east of Nashville. And it looks like it could all be going away.

The plan has been submitted to the town to replace this fun spot of our childhood into town homes and other such boring stuff.

If it’s going to happen, they’ll need approval on the use of the land and have to do some rezoning.

The townhomes would be for sale, not rentals. The sports center has told media that they plan to stay open through the summer as the process continues.

The putt putt golf course in Mt Juliet has been open since 1991. We will miss this boring golf course, cool go kart track, and summer landmark in Mount Juliet.