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We All Have 6 Netflix Shows In Common

Remember when everybody would play the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon? You'd name an actor and see how many movies it took to connect them to Kevin Bacon. We'll it's possible to connect yourself with anyone else who has Netflix pretty easily. That's because Netflix says we all have 6 Netflix shows/movies in common.

This could help spark conversations and meet interesting people.

Here's some of the shows someone else is likely to have in common with you:

  • Stranger Things
  • Bird Box

  • Bright
  • The Christmas Chronicles

  • Black Mirror
  • Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

This comes from a study cited in Forbes magazine.

Six Shows Statistic: The average number of shows shared between two randomly paired Netflix active accounts is 6.2. Both accounts had to have watched at least one episode of the show in common or 70% of the film in common in the past year.

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