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Positive Pants: Double Amputee Veteran Chasing Dream Of Truck Driving!

There's a LOT of negative and stressful things happening in the world, so we like to try and combat that with POSITIVE stories to get your morning started!

When we came across this story, literally everyone on the show was like, "awhhhh - that's AMAZING!"

Erin Shaefer, an Army veteran who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan is chasing his dream of becoming a truck driver!

In an interview, Erin said, "My dad was a truck driver so that's all I've known. I just love the open road, being out there with the truck. Just myself and my thought."

Erin was injured serving our country back in 2010 -- and is now a double amputee losing both of his legs below the knee.  

Erin is now in training to receive his CDL **the license you have to obtain to operate a semi-truck** at the Truck Driver Institute out Christiana, TN! 

Because of Erin's handicap, if he passes certification, he'll only be able to drive automatic trucks -- but it seems as though he's going to pass because the instructors at the training school have spoken very highly of Erin throughout his learning process!

We LOVE that a veteran who was injured serving our country is getting a second shot at making his dreams come true!

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