Did NHL Star Matt Duchene Recently Buy A House In Nashville?

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The Nashville Predators are in a very lackluster place and fans are wondering if a big trade is in the works for a star player that will lift them out of their funk and set them on a playoff run. Many names from other teams are being thrown around. One of the big names that could be available is Matt Duchene. He's a dynamic star forward that the Predators have tried to land for a few years now.

So it is VERY interesting that a Matthew Duchene bought a house in Nashville a few months ago.

Does this mean he really wants to be a Nashville Predator?

Well, if it is the very same Matt Duchene the hockey player, it could mean that. Lots of players have multiple homes in different cities. But those homes are usually their hometown (Haliburton, Canada) and the city they currently play in (Ottawa). So Nashville is neither of those. But a Nashville house would fit the second scenario if he played for the Predators.

He is also on record saying he really likes the city. So maybe he's just one of the gazillion people who want to move here. When Nashville hosted the All Star game a couple years ago, he was scene wearing this:

But let's remember this. Matt Duchene is likely to be traded in the next few days. But his team, the Ottawa Senators, controls where he goes. So his wishes don't necessarily mean he goes where he wants. Predators General Manager David Poile would have to make a trade offer that Ottawa liked enough to make him wear gold.

NHL writer Robby Stanley (@rstanleyNHL) said on twitter: That doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll sign here. Although it obviously doesn’t hurt either.

Tennessean columnist Joe Rexrode (@joerexrode) said: You just make sure you alert us when you see him eating at your Cracker Barrel this week.

To which Stanley replied: