Was Loki The 3rd Bishop of Nashville?

Full disclosure. I am Catholic. So only I am allowed to make fun of my church. And this isn't really making fun of it, as it is asking a silly question. That question is:

Was Loki, the adopted brother (and often the nemesis) of superhero Thor, actually the third bishop of Nashville?

Let's get into Nashville history. Patrick Augustine Feehan was born in Killenaulee,County Tipperary, in Ireland. After moving to America, he served as the Bishop of Nashville from 1865-1880. For those of you who don't know, a bishop is in charge of the churches in his area. Sort of a regional manager. Not the assistant to the regional manager (The Office reference).

Let's take a look at Loki. Loki is the anti-hero beloved by fans in the marvel universe. He has tried several times to become the regional manager of Asgard (a kingdon in a far away galaxy). While Loki is generally considered a villian, he does have a good side that appears from time to time. So I am not implying that the 3rd bishop of Nashville was evil when I compare them.

So let's compare the 2 and see if it's possible that Loki, in his quest to be in charge of something, was for a time, the Bishop of Nashville.

  • Patrick Freehan (the bishop) lived from 1829 to 1902. Loki is not immortal, but he is very, very strong and resilient when compared to mortal humans and can live a very long time. So their timelines can match up.
  • Loki has commanded an army of supernatural beings. Bishop Feehand (according to Wikipedia) created "a fraternal organization that would be known as . Catholic Knights of America. It was chartered in the nearby state of Kentucky in 1877."
  • A bishop holds a staff known as a crosier that looks like this.
  • Loki holds the "tesseract" seen here.

The argument against the Bishop of Nashville in 1865 being Loki from the Marvel Universe is as follows.

Feehan preferred to keep a low profile and made relatively few speeches.

Loki loves the spotlight and loves to make speeches.

So you decide. Was Loki, secretly the 3rd Bishop of Nashville in the 1800's?