Nashville Man Tips $22,000 At Bar, Then Arrested.

photo: MNPD

photo: MNPD

Joel Boyers tipped $22,000 at a Nashville hotel bar. And he was swiftly arrested.

Metro police did not arrest him for leaving $22,000 in tips, but more because of his bizzarre behavior and statements after leaving the JW Marriott bar. Friends told police that Boyers was taking drugs. In his state, he believed the drugs "increased his intelligence". He also alluded to giving away his child on Facebook.

Friends also told police that he been drinking and was carrying a gun. While at the bar, employees said he was causing a commotion with servers after leaving several tips totaling almost 22 grand.

A look at receipts revealed he purchased over 12 drinks from the room mini bar and had a few more drinks at the bar inside the hotel. His gun was taken away and police arrested him for public intoxication in possession of a firearm while drunk.