Tennessee Man Jailed For Dipping Testicles In Customer's Salsa.

photo: Blount County Sheriff

photo: Blount County Sheriff

A 31 year old Tennessee man has been charged with "adulteration of food". Police say this food delivery driver was so angry about the small tip he got that he dipped his own testicles into the customers order of salsa.

Here's where it gets more interesting. Police allege he recorded himself dipping his testicles in the salsa and posted in social media.

The video is graphic and appears waaaaaay down this page so you can't see it by mistake. So to see it, keep scrolling.

He exclaimed in the video "This is what you get when you give an 89 cents tip for an almost 30-minute drive."

Howard Matthew Webb was fired by the delivery service Dinner Delivered. They've also refunded the cost of the salsa to the customer. We're sure they feel a lot better now that they have their money back.

He's in jail awaiting a hearing and there's no word if he's dipping his testicles in anything at the moment.

So, if you don't know for sure if your salsa is safe, you might as well do this.