Best Look Yet At Disney's Incredible Star Wars Attraction.

Here's the best look yet at Disney's near-complete Star Wars attraction called 'Galaxy's Egde'. Here's just a few highlights:

  • this land is a massive trading town on the outskirts of the galaxy where aliens, traders, bounty hunters, and the First Order mingle about.
  • there are two rides, one of them let's you and your 'crew' fly the millineum falcon, the coolest (and fastest) starship ever.

  • The other ride is called 'Rise of the Resistance' and sets you on a fantastic mission including avoiding being stepped on by Firt Order Walkers.
  • some of the characters you'll see include Finn and Chewbacca

  • there's plenty of shopping (of course) plus
  • plenty of restaurants and bars where you can sample local food from Batoo and specialty drinks, like a 'fuzzy tauntaun"

Disney's 'Galaxy's Edge' opens this summer in Anaheim, and this fall in Orlando.