Happy Mar10 Day! Bunch of Mario Games On Sale.

To celebrate MAR10 day (get it, it's Mario, but the last two letters are 10, for March 10th), there's a big sale on Mario games. Who doesn't love calendar based puns (i.e. Mat the 4th Be With You)?!

The most iconic Nintendo charachter of all time gets a salute today with special sales.

The deals include $20 off the following Mario titles for the Nintendo Switch:

That's a deal you can't throw shells at.

Nintendo deals will be available until March 16 at, including Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, and more.

And Nintendo really wants you to buy a Switch, so they're offering a Switch package that's bundled with a $35 credit to its eShop digital store.

And now we present, Mario Kart in real life.