She Bought 3 Items At CVS. Guess How Long The Receipt Was?

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Getty Images

The length of CVS receipts are out of control. And if you are an ExtraCare member, you're receipts are absurdly long. You can pratically see the size of US forests shrink on Google Earth with every purchase. Last fall, a woman in the D.C. area posted her receipt to social media and it sums up our rage and bewilderment.

Yup! Nearly 6 feet long for 3 items!

“Some personal news: CVS gave me a 5’8” receipt today,” she wrote on twitter.

What she did next is simply brilliant. She made a growth chart on the wall with it, titling it with sticky notes "How many CVS receipts tall are you?".

Here's some other ways people have savagely skewered CVS receipts. This brings me so much joy.

And then there's this guy.