Jim's Tweet About Taylor Swift Was Heard Round The World

When T-Pain made a cringe worthy remark to Taylor Swift during the iHeart Awards 2019, I was shook. What a stupid thing to say! Why would he talk about falling into Taylor's boobs? Especially after her very public sexual harrasment lawsuit last year? And she was a teenage kid in that story?!

So I tweeted about it.

Apparently the world felt same, same about this exchange with T-Pain and Taylor. I got replies from all over the world, most of which were not in English. But my lack of mutli-lingualism didn't stop me from getting what they were saying. They weren't having any of this either. Even Cosmo magazine felt my tweet spoke for many and used it as the prime example of fan feels.

Here's the thing. Taylor haters and apolgists (I count myself among them proudly) agree that she has had her share of crap to endure at the hands of selfish, unthoughtful, and sometimes terrible men. Kanye steals her mic and moment at the MTV Awards. A Denver dj groped her at a meet n greet. And now this. Enough.

Here's some of the replies I received. If you wanna let me know exactly what some of them said, that'd be cool of you.