Nashville Man Blames Imaginary Friend After Crash Say Police

photo: Metro Police

photo: Metro Police

Metro police charged a man with driving under the influence after they say he crashed into a pole. But he told them his imaginary friend was driving and fled the scene.

Police charged 26 yr old John Couch of Nashville after they got a phone call from someone at Neighbor's Bar & Grill on 4425 Murphy Road. They told Metro police they believed a man matching couch's description was drinking while intoxicated. When they caught up with Couch near a liquor store at the corner of Charlotte and Morrow Rd.

A witness gave the cops license plate numbers that matched Couch's car. When questioned about the accident at the pole, he said his "friend" was driving and ran off. He couldn't (or wouldn't) provide info about his friend.

He also refused field sobriety tests. Police also say he resisted arrest and they needed several officers to get him into the cop car.