School Haunting Footage. Get The Holy Water.

photo: Deerpark CBS

photo: Deerpark CBS

Doesn’t every kid think that their school is haunted? But the kids at Deer Park Boarding School in Ireland have some pretty good reason to believe something paranormal is afoot in their school.

This closed circuit television footage shows some pretty ominous movement going on in the middle of the night. Doors slam open and closed. Lockers shake. And a wet floor sign goes flying.

Then there’s this other footage. If this ghost were a kid they’d be in detention. And wait for the end where it decides to rearrange the furniture.

But is this all a hoax? No one likes to perpetrate hoaxes more than school kids. Here’s a video from a tool who says he can prove this is fake.

I’m not saying this footage is definitely real and is not a hoax. But his arguments don’t prove it’s a hoax. They just prove how you might pull this off if you wanted to fake it.

He compares two different hallways. He has no idea if there is a radiator behind the lockers. Those pipes could be leading to a different floor. And he asks why the ghost would only open the unlocked locker. Umm, maybe because it’s unlocked. And his string theory doesn’t work physically. The claim is a string is pulled, but the sign goes to the left while the string he shows goes to the right. How do you push a string?