Argument: How Many Claps Are In The Friends Theme?

For no good reason, everyone on the Woody and Jim Show starting arguing over the number of claps in the theme songs from Friends. Woody said 5 claps. Savannah said 4 claps. Zac checked in audio software and found 4 claps. Jim said there are 4 claps, but there should be 5. Our guest host Jessica Meyer said 4 claps.

We found this clip about the claps from Jimmy Fallon.

So even Matt Leblanc thought it was 5 claps. On Jimmy Kimmel live, the entire cast was confused about the claps.

The band who performed the theme, The Rembrandts, clarified that it is indeed 4 claps. Band members Danny Wilde and Phil Solem told BuzzFeed news "I watched that Jimmy Kimmel thing a couple weeks ago and Courteney, when it came to that part, she goes (clap, clap, clap, clap, clap)," Solem said. "She did it five times. I was like,Court. FOUR!"

So that's settled. We think. 4 claps.

But here's the Nashville connection to that incredible theme song. When the show was first being pitched to tv networks, the pilot used REM's 'It's The End of The World As We Know It'. But they wanted their own theme that had a similar style and melody. Three days in the studio collaborating with the show's creators ultimately led to the song stuck in our head today. The Rembrandts performed the 50 second opening song 'I'll Be There For You' and soon it was on tv.

The show was a hit. And that song was stuck in everyone's heads. That's when Tom Peace, at Y107 (which would become 107-5 The River in Nashville), had an idea. A terrific, amazing idea.

Tom went into one of the production studios and edited and looped the 50 second snippet into a three minute song that he could play on the air. He did. And people went wild for it.

From the interview with The Rembrandts:

"It got a crazy amount of requests. The phone lines started blowing up and all the sister stations started playing it and it went national," Wilde said. "Our record at the time,L.P., was already finished and advance copies had already shipped to radio. But the record company [East West Records] said, 'Hold the press! Wait a second! We've got this crazy runaway hit!' So then we went in and recorded the full version and scrapped all the other cassettes, CDs, and vinyl and added it to the record."

And now you know the rest of the story.