Here's The Morning News Video That Has America Cringing

This is the morning news video that Woody and Jim Show were talking about this morning.

It's the video that made Woody say: If there's a word for embarrassing that is more embarrassing than the word the 'embarassing', it would describe this."

This morning news team in Toledo, Ohio decided to use "hip language like the kids use" to talk to kids in the TPS (Toledo Public Schools) on a big testing day. Prepare to cringe laugh. Ironically.

The reaction has been swift and accurate. Note: Go to the bottom of the page for an explanation from the tv station itself.

The station basically said they made the video to be played in classrooms of kids who were taking the test. They have had poor test scores in Toledo for a few years, and this was an attempt to help. “When we heard what was on the line, we felt like we had to do something different to connect with these kids. This was an effort to reach kids where they are—on social media and to give them a laugh at our expense.”

See the full story here.