If Nashville Used This Machine To Move The Cherry Trees, I'd Pay To Watch

Much has been made about the removal of cherry trees along 1st avenue (along the waterfront), to make room for an enormous 400 ft stage to be used when the NFL holds it's draft festivities later in April.

In a very quiet announcemnt Friday, the city announced it was going to cut down many of these iconic landmarks (and gifts from Japan). In some polls, 90% of Nashvillians were angry. See the related story here:


Nashville Cherry Trees Will NOT Be Destroyed for NFL Draft After Outcry


We're pretty sure the trees wouldn't like it either.

Luckily a compromise was made and the trees will be moved (and even more planted).

But I'll tell ya, if they used the machine below to move the trees, I wouldn't just support it. I would pay to watch. I think this is so cool (but then again, I am fascinated by bright, shiny objects).