The Smartest People Are Born In The Same Month

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So you think you're smart? Were you born in September? You might be smart, but not as smart as the people born in September.

National Bureau of Economic Research found that you can draw a line between someone's intelligence and what month they were born in. The study, called “School Starting Age and Cognitive Development,” says that kids born in September got higher GPA's than kids born in other months.

Before you get angry 'Other Monthers', think about it. The school system is rigged in favor of the September kids. The study was done in Florida, where the cut-off age for school is September 1st. Which means the kids born in September can be 11 months older (with more matured brains) than kids born in August.

So, you guessed it. Kids born in August tend to get the lowest grades there.

But ere's another very intersting fact about 'September babies'. They are statistically less likely to go to prison.

So there's the proof you need to plan your pregnancy for a Semptember birth. Or make them wait before ending them off to kindergarten.