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PETA To Nashville Predators Fans: Throw Fake Catfish Only

Winnipeg Jets v Nashville Predators - Game One

PETA knows Nashville Predator fans love the team. And they have a tradition of throwing catfish on the ice to get the team and fans whipped into a frenzy. But they want you to throw fake catfish instead of real ones.

Here's a transcript of the letter:

Greetings from PETA.

The Nashville Predators are gearing up for the playoffs—and so is PETA! We'll be at the first home playoff game with boxes full of free squeezable catfish toys, and enclosed you'll find a sneak peek.

We'll be giving these toys away to encourage fans to leave the real catfish off the ice. Fish are smart, social animals, and just like dogs, cats, and humans, they feel pain. They have distinct personalities, and they communicate with each other, form bonds, and can even recognize individual fish and remember past social interactions with them. We hope that going forward, "Smashville" will smash not just the competition but also cruelty to animals.

Here's to a successful playoff season for fans and fish alike!

Best regards,

Colleen O'Brien

Vice President of Communications | PETA

2017 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Three

They do know they're already dead right?

You have to think this message will probably only embolden the catfish chuckers.

We'd also like to say there is no truth to the rumor that PETA has said "If you must throw a real catfish, please don't vaccinate it."

Have you ever wondered how someone sneaks cat fish into the games at Bridgestone? Here's how.

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