Insane Footage of Fire At Coachella

There was a crazy good performance by Childish Gambino, a killer set from Janelle Monáe, and surprises by Cardi B, Selena Gomez, and DJ Snake.

But it was the fire that broke out at the Coacella Music Festival that has people shook.

What festival goers described as a propane tank explosion was explained by The CAL FIRE and Riverside County Fire Department as a fire in the showers?!

They tweeted:

2:28 am - Fire Contained. Mobile Shower Unit in Lot 8 Storage Area. Total of 2 trailers involved. 1 damaged, 1 destroyed. No reported injuries to fire personnel or civilians. Fire crews will remain on scene for 1 hour for overhaul. #Coachella

Some theories include a possible explosion and fire from the gas used to heatthe water in the showers. Remarkably, there were no inuries. While many tweets made lame jokes connecting it to the "Fyre Festival" (the concert that never happened), most were from attendees telling friends and family they were safe.