Nashville Man Uses Bird Scooter As A Weapon.

Photo: FOX 17

Photo: FOX 17

A Nashville man used a Bird electric scooter as a weapon according to Metro police.

Wow. With stories like these, America might start substituting "Florida Man" with "Nashville man" when talking about weird stories.

Adam Mann, 30 years old, was arrested Friday night near Ascend Amphitheater where he allegedly picked up a Bird scooter and hit another guy in the head with it.

As police were arriving to answer an assault call, they saw Mann running east Korean Veterans Blvd. That's when they saw he snagged the scooter and hit another man in the right eye with it. It was a quick arrest after that by cops. While Mann was arrested and held on $8,000 bond, the victim was taken to Centenniel Medical Center.

Did you hear about the assault on scooters that was planned by both people. Woody and Jim jousted on scooters.