The Most Popular Airbnb In Nashville Is This 'Tiny House'

The most popular Airbnb is not on Broadway. It's not at the top of a shiny new skyscraper. It's actually a 'tiny house' tucked away in the woods in south Nashville.

Everyone wants to live in this 'tiny house', and for the first time ever, so do I. I mean, look at it! It's like living in Barbie's Nashville Dreamhouse.

It is the most desired Airbnb in Nashville, based on the number of people who've added this little abode to their wish list.

It's hidden behind a wooden gateway, and down a set of stone stairs. And it has the one thing that I've always said HAS TO BE IN a 'tiny house'... a full bathroom (with a claw foot tub!).

The tiny house is 10 minutes from downtown and lists for $150/night. It also has a full 5 stars after 488 reviews. See more pics here.