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Design Your Own Light Saber At Disney's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Park!

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is opening later this year at Disnety World and Disney Land. One of the coolest things you'll be able to do is buy an array of famous light sabers as used by your favorite characters (Darth Vader, Yoda, Rey, Luke, etc). But even better will be a special experience where you can design your own weapon of the force.

Early reports from people who've gotten their hands on them are stellar. They aren't made of cheap, plastic parts. These are made from metals and other materials that give it the weight of a heavy Maglight.

At the custom store called Savi's Workshop, you'll have a special light saber craftsman working with small groups to help them design their own. The blades come in a multitude of sizes and shapes. The whole array of colors will be available. Your guide, called a guardian, will start you by choosing from 4 kinds of kits.

Jedi-focused Peace and Justice set

Sith-focused Power and Control assortment

Elemental Nature set

Protection and Defense kit.

Then you have a choice of one of three colored Kyber crystals. Once put in the light saber, famous characters will occasionally whisper secrets of the force and the universe to you!

Unfortunately, no pricing is available yet. But we're sure it will be quite afoordable.

See more pics and video here. Here's an early look at of the light sabers made public earlier this year.

If you haven't had a look yet at the Star Wars Disney Park, enjoy this.

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