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Millenials WANT To Talk About One Touchy Subject On First Dates


You never talk about money and how much you make to a person you don't know, right?

Wrong. It seems millienials want to get right to business. They want to know someone's financial sitch right on the first date. And they want to know everything: credit scores, salaries, etc. According to the study by Bankrate’s Love and Money survey of over 1,200 Millenials, you're more likely to talk someone's credit-worthiness on a first date than, say, "your favorite show on Netflix right now".

35% of millenials said they would be perfectly comfortable talking money at the start of a possible relationship. They want to know if their future together will be one of security or struggle.

The study did reveal that people dating in that age group are still pretty traditional.

41% of women said they'd be "rattled" if a man they were dating made less money than them. Far fewer people said they'd be bothered if their date made MORE $$$ than them (22% of men, 20% of women).

Women were also almost twice as likely to let someone else's credit score affect their chances of going on a first date.

But what about that first meet up?

54% of women think the man should pay for everything on the first date. And 70% of guys expect to pay for everything. But to be fair, a rising number of millenials think the cost of the date should be split (37%).

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