Free WiFi Downtown For The Draft In Nashville

200,00 people on Broadway Thursday proved that when you put a lot of people in a condensed area of Nashville, cell data can get bogged down. How does your great Instragram pic escape the swamp of everyone trying to use the network at the same time?


So Xfinity has opened up 2,000 WiFi hotspots downtown to help you get the data through. You CAN create FOMO for anyone not there with concert and draft pics getting posted.



Xfinity customers can use their username and passwords to get access. Non-Xfinity customers can get in on it too. They'll be able to sign in and get access for a couple hours.

Popular areas will get the free WiFi. They include Nissan Stadium, Riverfront Park, Broadway, Music Row, Centennial Park, Cumberland Park, Bicentennial Mall and the Gulch.