Game of Thrones Getting Roasted For This One Problem. No One Could See It.

Sunday's epic episode of Game of Thrones is getting talk for several things:

  • It has the biggest battle scene possibly ever filmed
  • a fan favorite killed off an unlikely major character (no spoilers here)
  • most of the movie was so damn dark, you couldn't see anything

People were squinting and adjusting their eyes to see everything filmed in the dark. If you thought Game of Thrones was confusing BEFORE, it's even more confounding when you can't even tell who or what's happening, because it's so dark.

It was Billie Eilish dark.

Can you see anything that's happening? "Not today." It reminds us of a pretentious tv producer in 'Bojack Horseman' who said, “The darkness is a metaphor for darkness!”.

And twitter is a fire with roasting like it was a dragonglass torch.