Promposal Fail Goes Viral Nationwide. Video.

In Henderson, Nevada, the promposals were going great so far this year. Austin Mousa and Johnny Pashales were ready to go for what they thought was an awesome idea. Austin was going to show at a house where his intended date, Hannah, would open the door. He would be holding a box of donuts and ask her to the prom.

But when Austin rang the door, a girl opened the door. But it wasn't Hannah.

"Oh my gosh," the girl at the door said.

Austin looked at Johnny, who was laughing behind his cellphone camera. 

"Johnny," Austin said, "you picked the wrong house."

The second try was the charm and he found Hannah, who said yes.

From USA Today:
"This story is going to be told within our families for years or generations," said Allison Masluk, Hannah's mother. "The best part about it is it's all on video. You always hear the story about your parents growing up or whatever – but we have it on video."
"It was a proud mom moment," said Christine Mousa, Austin's mother. "I must have missed Parenting 101."