Gatlinburg Bear Enjoys The Hot Tubs In East Tennessee, A Lot.

Photo: Elizabeth Strickland via WBIR and FOX17 Nashville.

It's just the bare necessities. The bear necessities of life.

The east Tennessee bear really had a great time in a Gatlinburg tourist's hot tub.

The bear strolled on to the back deck of their cabin and decided he'd like to take a dip.

Elizabeth Strickland took the photo's and shared them with WBIR-TV. "I just had to share with y’all. I was in that same seat 14 hours ago!" The bear also had three cubs along with her.

"They have been called a charismatic mega-fauna and for good reason – everyone from non-hunters, to hunters, to wildlife watchers - we all love bears in our own special ways,"TWRA's website reads. "For these reasons, it is everyone’s responsibility to keep them wild and keep them alive."

Look at this pic. Looks like they're flexing and saying "check out the gun show".

Note: In case you didn't know... stay clear of bears.

According to the TWRA:

-If you do encounter a bear, remove whatever attracted the bear to come into your area. There is almost always a safe escape route when bears enter towns. Crowd control is the initial concern as the behavior of a cornered bear can be unpredictable. Immediately report to the TWRA or local police any sightings of bears within areas of human population centers.

-While black bears are usually tolerant of humans, they should always be treated as wild animals, whether in residential or backcountry areas. Black bears are rarely aggressive towards people and typically go out of their way to avoid contact, however as human development continues and bear numbers increase, occasional interactions will be unavoidable.

-If you see a black bear from a distance, alter your route of travel, return the way you came, or wait until it leaves the area. Make your presence known by yelling and shouting at the bear in an attempt to scare it away.

They're not always lookin out for ya, man cub.